Why are my dogs boots not staying on their paws?

We recommend flipping the boots inside out and wiping them down with a damp cloth to clean the inside. You will immediately notice that the silicone interior will better adhere to your dog's paw.

Do Goo-Eez assist in preventing slipping on packed snow?

Goo-eez Regular boots are all terrain and they are the greatest choice to prevent slipping on any type of surface.

how can i wash goo-eez boots?

If soiled, hand wash with warm water inside-out. Do not machine wash. Hang to dry.

are goo-eez boots good for hot surfaces?

Yes. Goo-eez Boots are 100% resistant to hot surfaces and ensure complete protection.

Why are my dogs boots flipping upside down while wearing them?

It is possible that you purchased a size too large for your dog's paw. We recommend following the size chart on the back of the packaging, and if your dog falls in between sizes, to size down for a perfect fit.