Provide dogs and their owners with a seamless, hassle-free paw-wear experience.

Enhanced comfort and innovative technology - the core of our creations.

Made with high-performance, seamless materials, delivering ease of use and ultimate comfort, thanks to our form- fitting gel patented technology.

Unlike any other.

our motto

Stretch and go.

Driven by purpose and Inspired by the tech world - we deliver functionality first solutions in every product.

Patented technology


We fused our proprietary elastomer gel with our specially weaved rib fabric for extra-comfort and performance.

Our Story

The answer to the solution.

When it comes to paw-wear, most people seem to be struggling with the same challenges time after time. Traditional paw-wear can be tough to put on and if you do manage to get them on, they are not the most comfortable.

Seeing our pets struggle didn’t work for us so we challenged our team to figure a solution to the issue.

After 3 years of research and development, testing and trials, we finally found the solution.

Using our form-fitting gel patented technology, we fused our proprietary elastomer gel with a unique, specially woven fabric to provide dogs with the ultimate experience in paw-wear. 

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