Goo-eez - The Right Fit

For the perfect fit, carefully measure your dog's paws using our two printable size charts.

These charts will help you determine your dog’s Goo-eez appropriate size.

Download the 2 charts below:

Size Chart
Sole Chart


TIP: Before the initial use of your Goo-eez boots, turn the boot inside out, rinse under warm water and pat dry. This will maximize the grip on your dog’s paws.

The first chart is to measure by placing your dog’s paw on the dotted line and depending where your dog’s nail ends, that is the appropriate size.

VERY IMPORTANT for in-between sizes, always size down.

The second chart is the list of dogs and their respective size for Goo-eez boots according to our estimates. Please keep in mind this is an approximation as within the same breed, paws can range 2 to even 3 sizes. The sole shapes are actual size and we suggest you place your dog’s paw on the sole that fits your dog’s paw best. The best fit is that where nearly no space exists between the dog’s paw and the outer line of the sole.