Printed Mesh Cat Harness

$18.89 $20.99


This superb Clöe e Cluzo cat mesh harness is comfortable and adjustable. Ring for the leash and semi-transparent buckle.

Recommended by educator feline behavior

The two clips allow to put the harness without having to pass the head through circles of straps which most cats dislike.

The space between the legs and the shoulders has all the space needed to move freely but still retain enough surface so that the tension applied by the leash will distribute the pull on the full torso and not just on the neck, rendering the harness safe and comfortable.

The free space under the neck allows the cat to lower his head without feeling chocked.

Care Instructions

For Paw-wear, hand wash inside and out with lukewarm water using mild detergent, rinse and hang to dry.

For apparel, you can reference the care tag on the inner stitching of your apparel item. Machine wash cold with like colors. Do not bleach. Hang to dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.