• All Season

    Good for all weather types. Protects from hot & cold surfaces.

  • 100% Waterproof

    Inside-out materials are 100% waterproof.

  • Easy on

    Easy to fit on your dog's paws thanks to our easy fit-on methods.

  • Gel Comfort

    Form-fitting to dog's paws. No Pinching. No Pulling.

  • Stretchable

    Boot stretches up to 3 times its size to gain the perfect fit.

  • Stays on

    Boots sticks to dog's paws. Does not come off.


Comfort Gel - No Friction

• Stretches and adapts to dogs paws.
• No friction. Extra comfort.
• Gentle yet stubborn grip.

100% Waterproof
• Keeps paws dry and clean.
• Protects paws from rain and snow.


Stretchable up to 3x

• Stretches 3 times its size for an easy fit.

• Guarantees better mobility.
• Seamless, breathable fabric.


100% Waterproof

• Keeps paws dry and clean.
• Protects paws from rain and snow.

All Season
• Protects from all types of weather.
• Protects from hot pavement and
cold soil

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
rubber wears out quick

my dog (chow) just barely lifts her feet when she walks. despite having a clear neuro check for knuckling reflexes - she needs a boot year round that protects her front knuckles. these boots i thought would be the solution but all four were destroyed within 2 weeks. I tried the thicker all-terrain boots but my dog keeps tripping on the thicker rubber lip on the front of those. I've reverted back to the disposable "paws" balloon-style boots as they are easier to get on and last just as short as these ones. Great boot and design but not for lazy walking dogs. I'm very disappointed in general. I really believed these booties would be the solution I was looking for. I wish the rubber was harder to prevent wearing down so quickly.

Patricia Mayumi

The booties are very comfortable for my dog, but it doesn't stay on, it came off several times when I was walking with him.

Jillian Albrecht
Good Quality but Disappointing Communication

The size I ordered was definitely too small for my standard golden doodle. I ordered a large after measuring her paws. When it arrived the container included a graphic with the breeds recommended and they are much smaller. I emailed asking how to exchange and have still not heard back and it’s been over a week. The quality of the boots is fine but I need a larger size.


I have bought several other boots in the last couple of months, trying to get a good fit for my Chinese Crested pup. THESE ARE PERFECT.

(In case this is helpful to anyone else out there: cresteds have slender hard to fit hare feet... so if you had a whippet etc, they will fit great. That said- I think these would be awesome for anyone else too.)

When I saw the boots in person, I thought there was no way in hell I was going to be able to get them on without a fight, because they seemed too narrow/too tough to stretch. I used the advice of an earlier reviewer: I stretched them all the way over a shot glass 🤣, pushed his foot in, and they popped on like magic. It was all over, before he knew it. He forgot all about them being weird within 10 seconds, and started zoomies.

Paola Gonzalez
The best for our pup!

We have a dog that is sort of in between sizes (XS and S) when shopping from other boots brands. We've tried so many different ones and all of them irritated her declaws because of the shifting even with socks. The only thing that sort of worked were the little balloons brand but they are very slippery in certain conditions, break easily, and cold. These ones are amazing! They are a little hard to put on at the beginning (especially with a non-willing pooch) but customer service is extremely helpful when reaching out. We choose the lite boots because our dog struggles walking with thick soles but these ones still provide great protection and I love the soft gel inside!


Soon get into paw-shape.

7 sizes that fit all paws types, from 2XS to 2XL.

all season

Protection at its finest.

The Lites are great for everyday walks in any type of weather.

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