• All Terrain

    Extra-performing boot, ideal for hiking, harsh surfaces, extra protection.

  • All Season

    Good for all weather types. Protects from hot & cold surfaces.

  • Reflective

    Features reflective logo in front of sole for better visibility in dark environments.

  • 100% Waterproof

    Inside-out materials are 100% waterproof.

  • Shock absorption

    Anti-skid rubber sole protects from shocks.

  • Easy on

    Easy to fit on your dog's paws thanks to our easy fit-on methods.

  • Gel Comfort

    Form-fitting to dog's paws. No Pinching. No Pulling.

  • Stretchable

    Boot stretches up to 3 times its size to gain the perfect fit.

  • Stay on

    Boot sticks to dog's paws. Does not come off.


Comfort Gel - No Friction

• Stretches and adapts to dogs paws.
• No friction. Extra comfort.
• Gentle yet stubborn grip.

100% Waterproof
• Keeps paws dry and clean.
• Protects paws from rain and snow.


Stretchable up to 3x

• Stretches 3 times its size for an easy fit.

• Guarantees better mobility.
• Seamless, breathable fabric.


100% Waterproof

• Keeps paws dry and clean.
• Protects paws from rain and snow.

All Season
• Protects from all types of weather.
• Protects from hot pavement and
cold soil.

All Terrain Shock Absorption

• Ideal for irregular and bumpy soils.
• Extra layer of protection.

• Durable, superior quality rubber.

Reflective Features
• Better visibility in dark environments.

all season ~ all terrain

The ultra-performing boot.

Great for all type of weather and harsh soils. Extra resistant to shocks and sudden moves. The best option for adventures.

form-fitting comfort

Great for all paw sizes.

Goo-eez Regular come in pack of 2 , personalize size to front and back paws for an ultra performing comfort.

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