The Company

Dog E Katz Innovations Inc.

Rooted in the vibrant city of Montreal, Quebec, Dog E Katz Innovations is dedicated to crafting unparalleled pet apparel and accessories. Our portfolio proudly showcases renowned brands such as Goo-eez, Clöe e Cluzo, Petite Pistache, and Pawtek. Meticulously curated to cater to every need and style, each brand encompasses a diverse range of categories. From the active and adventurous to the playful, we've thoughtfully designed brands that resonate with every pet lover. At Dog E Katz Innovations, we go beyond the ordinary, ensuring there's something extraordinary for everyone within our distinctive brands.

Goo-eez — Pioneering Innovation

Our name serves as a constant reminder of our mission to offer seamless solutions for dogs and their owners. It stems from "going with ease."

What we solved first? Dog boots.

How? Our proprietary technology bonding elastomer gel and knit.

The results were too good to stop there–we extended our waterproof comfort technology to apparel.

Goo-eez Patented Technology

Our patented technology masterfully combines high-quality, elastomer gel bonded to meticulously crafted knit fabric, resulting in the creation of our Form-Fitting Gel—an innovative gel-like textile that revolutionizes Paw-Wear and Apparel.

With its ability to conform perfectly to the contours of a dog’s paw, our Form-Fitting Gel delivers unparalleled comfort and exceptional stay-on protection. Engineered to withstand the rigors of heat, cold, moisture, and debris, this remarkable material sets a new standard in canine comfort and safety. As pioneers in the field, Goo-eez empowers dogs everywhere to unlock their true performance potential.


We believe in the power of meticulous craftsmanship. We follow a 32 step process to building the product with our custom machinery, equipment and molds. Our dedication to craftsmanship guarantees that every Goo-eez item meets the highest standards of excellence.


We are driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation, constantly pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo to revolutionize the canine apparel and accessory industries. Our commitment to innovation fuels our quest for patented cutting-edge solutions that enhance the lives of pets and their owners.


The well-being of dogs is at the core of everything we do. Every product we create is based on how it would benefit your dog. We prioritize their comfort, mobility, and safety, creating products that promote their overall happiness and health. Goo-eez is built on the foundation of genuine care and respect for our furry companions.